Makan and Shine

Eat, make new friends, enjoy!

Journey together towards better livelihoods

Join us and

Be a Friend of Makan & Shine

Enjoy good food

Come and eat together, totally free and with no catch. Most of the time the food is great too!

Make new friends

Come and make new friends with hosts and fellow Friends of Makan & Shine. You can learn from each other too!

Have fun together

Most importantly, come and have fun together over a meal!

Join us to

Host a Makan & Shine session

Treat a meal

Show love and host our Friends to a meal!

Make new friends

Make new friends with our Friends of Makan & Shine. You can share some micro learning points in topics of interest to the group and also learn from each other!

Have fun together

Most importantly, come and have fun together over a meal and show love!

Thankful for our


These are our

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, everything is free for Friends of Makan & Shine.

Makan & Shine sessions are organised to foster friendship and network support to show love to people around us. People come together to bond over a meal, learn and grow.

1 way is for host to order food delivery to our Friends and enjoy the food and conversation through a video platform.

Absolutely no. So long as hosts can communicate with Friends (in any ways), it’s good 🙂

We will try to know more about Hosts and Friends in terms of interest, age group and their hopes for future to match people in a way for be valuable in journeying together towards better livelihoods.

Yes absolutely! Friends can be Hosts and Hosts can be Friends!

Anyone can be a Host to treat meals to Friends. It helps if Hosts have the passion to show love and concern for others.